Areas we work in

We've supported organisations with their digital analytics needs across all sorts of sectors, but these are the ones where we've built up specific experience.



With online retail, the digital analyst is the equivalent of the shop floor manager. We help our clients to understand their customers and their shopping behaviour, identify problem areas on websites, and spot opportunities to increase conversions.

We've worked with the leading ecommerce platforms and can support you by skilling up your internal team, or by operating as an outsourced function.


Museums and Galleries

We've worked with major institutions, helping to provide insights across collections, visitor experience, marketing, membership, ticketing, ecommerce, image licensing, apps, interactives, and publishing. You name it, we've done it.

For some of our museum clients we work as a flexible, on-demand analytics resource to provide ongoing support when it's needed.


Theatres and Performing Arts

We've worked with theatres, arts centres, opera houses, and dance companies, helping them to measure their campaigns more effectively, and improve how they serve their audiences online. 

We've built up particular knowledge around the leading ticketing providers in the sector, including Tessitura and Spektrix.

Education sq.jpg

Higher Education

Digital analytics is playing a key role across universities, colleges, and academies, giving marketing, alumni, and fundraising teams the ability to make better decisions around their campaigns.

We've also integrated analytics with learning management systems such as Canvas to see how students respond to different methods of teaching and identify good practice.



From training up your account team and developers, to giving you a competitive edge in your pitches. We can even act as your on-demand analytics function. However we work together, we can provide the digital analytics know-how to help you and your clients to thrive.

We're very tight-lipped about the agencies we work with. Suffice to say we've worked with highly-specialised boutique agencies, to the types of outfits that you'd recognise from RAR and BIMA awards lists.