One Further is a digital analytics and user research consultancy. We're a remote team based in the UK (around London) and we work internationally.

We help our clients to understand what their users expect from them online, and how to meet those expectations.

We have a particular experience of working with:

  • cultural organisations, especially performing arts venues and museums

  • higher learning institutions

  • ecommerce businesses

  • digital agencies

We make a point of being friendly, generous, and helpful. We work in a very technical area, but make a point of speaking in plain English. We don't assume you'll have the depth of knowledge that we do, although we can speak tech when needed.

About One Further

About the team

Chris Unitt

Chris is the one who started One Further back in 2014. As well as looking after the business as a whole, he leads on our consulting projects and also gets stuck in on digital analytics planning, implementation, and analysis.

Chris is often invited to write and speak about digital analytics and user experience. Conferences and publications include MuseumNext, the Arts Marketing Association, the Spektrix Conference, the Association of British Orchestras, and the Guardian.

Tess Holloway

Tess is our Analytics Lead and has previously worked in roles encompassing analytics, UX research, and search marketing. Before joining One Further, Tess worked in-house for Tate and the Southbank Centre, working across on all aspects of digital analytics.

Alix Marion

Alix is a Digital Analyst at One Further and has previously worked for research agencies and advertising tech companies. Alix also has a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of St Andrews and wrote her dissertation on the use of new technologies in museums.

About our services

Digital analytics

Chances are you've not hired a digital analytics consultancy before and might be wondering what we can help with. People come to us for help with all sorts of issues. For instance:

  • "We want some reports we can use to see how our website's performing."

  • "We have Google Analytics but we hardly ever use it. What should we be doing?"

  • "We're not 100% confident our analytics data looks right. Can you help with that?

  • "We know our website needs improving, but we want to know exactly what needs work."

Everybody's situation is different, but projects often follow this rough outline:

  • Planning: working out what what you need to know, how to gather the right information, and recommending the tools that will be required.

  • Implementation: making sure the tools are properly set up, writing instructions for your developers (if needed), and delivering training to those who need it.

  • Reporting: making the the right information as accessible as possible to you and your colleagues.

  • Analysis: we use the data to get answers to questions.

We also offer training on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as mentoring and support for in-house analysts.

USer Research

We make use of a wide range of usability tools and techniques to uncover issues and opportunities on your site. These include:

  • User testing, either in-person (at a usability lab or at your premises) or remotely.

  • Surveys

  • Heatmaps and visitor recordings

  • Navigation testing