We have extensive experience of museums and the particular analytics challenges that they provide, having worked with organisations in this sector for several years now.

We've worked with

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What we've done

Most of our projects has been delivered for marketing and digital teams, and we've also worked across ticketing, membership, ecommerce, image licensing, publishing, and in-gallery interactives.

Analytics planning and implementation

Across a range of different clients and projects, we have:

  • Carried out analytics audits and then fixed serious data quality issues.
  • Upgraded legacy website analytics, moving tags into Google Tag Manager to take advantage of additional functionality and flexibility.
  • Worked with developers to make websites more easily trackable.
  • Developed KPIs and metrics to align with organisational and departmental objectives.
  • Provided marketing and ecommerce teams with clearer information about the impact of their campaigns.
  • Helped teams to make informed decisions around content publishing, including blogs and social media.

There have been many more projects besides. Museums are some of the most fantastically varied organisations we could ever hope to work with, and we really enjoy the challenges they provide.

Dashboards and reports

We've produced a variety of reports, from simple dashboards giving departments information about website traffic to their pages, to more advanced reports that collate stats from multiple sources.


Just about every project that we take on involves some degree of training. We believe that knowledge about analytics belongs with the organisation, not with outside consultants.

If you would like your team to have a better understanding of digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager then we can deliver tailored training for you.

Ongoing support

For some of our museum clients we provide a flexible, on-demand analytics service. We can scale our support up and down so that you've got access to analytics expertise when you need it.