Digital analytics has an increasingly important role to play in the success of higher education institutions such as universities, colleges, academies.

From increasing enrolments through more effective marketing, to driving fundraising, and understanding student and alumni engagement.

Digital analytics can also play a role in learning design. Tools like Google Analytics, when integrated with learning management systems, can help to identify examples of effective teaching methods.

What we offer


We provide an excellent 3 day analytics and user research crash course for your existing team. We provide both theory and practical tools you’ll be able to go away and use immediately. Your team will be more informed, more confident and more capable when it comes to data.


We’ve helped lots of agencies give their pitches a more convincing edge by conducting quick research on existing sites and services, or by building a data story and realistic KPIs around the solutions they want to sell. We can typically add a whole heap of value in just a day or two. 

Retained services

In most cases, our training or pitch support tends to lead to a increase in business. That might be winning new data work for existing clients, or converting more pitches because of having a data angle. In these scenarios we can help by offering our team of data analysts as an on-tap resource - enabling you to spin up a high quality, in-house analytics practice only when it’s profitable and sensible to do so.

Why us?

clients trust us

As well as helping agencies win more work, we also are regularly paid by clients to act as a sounding board on the other side of the pitch table when they’re looking for a new agency.

Clients trust us to know what’s great and what’s BS when it comes to agency pitches, which gives us a unique insight in to what distinguishes a good one from a bad one.

We’re discreet

We’re perfectly happy to work as a pure play white labelled resource for our agency clients. Prior to founding One Further our MD Chris worked agency side as an AD so has a sharp understanding of what agencies need from external suppliers.

This experience allows us to bring a pragmatism and understand to the relationship that you probably don’t have from other suppliers. 

We’re priced with your margin in mind

Ultimately, we know that we’re only going to win work from you if you can make money from us. That’s why we’ve conducted a UK rates survey to ascertain the typical day rate for agencies selling analytics services.

This enables us to provide you with a day rate that you can markup with a healthy margin, whilst ensuring the end cost to the client is still competitive in the market.

Case study

Royal College Of Music

We were initially brought in 

Learning design

Integrated Google Analytics with Canvas LMS to help identify examples of good practice.

Created dashboards for each dept.


Enrolment, and events. New website launch.

Training. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics. Dashboards and reports.


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