AMA Conference 2019

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Hello! If you came along to any of my sessions at the AMA Conference 2019 then thank you very much. It was a privilege to be invited and thank you for some excellent questions and comments.

I spoke about:

  1. Connecting Audience Data

  2. Search Engine Optimisation for Cultural Organisations

  3. Rethinking Your Social Media

You’ll find slides and links to everything I mentioned below.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss in a bit more detail then you’d be very welcome to get in touch. There’s also an email signup link right down the bottom if you’d like to stay in touch that way.

Connecting Audience Data

Bringing your audience data together and creating the fabled ‘single customer view’ might feel like an impossible task. CRM, web analytics, social media and maybe even spreadsheets hold valuable information. So what’s the best way to bring this all together and get your data working for you?

Connecting Audience Data session info.


Search Engine Optimisation for Cultural Organisations

Search engines (and Google in particular) send huge amounts of traffic to the websites of arts and cultural organisations. This session looked at how to get the search engines working in your favour.

From the technical basics, to local SEO, where to focus your efforts and - just as importantly - where not to waste your time.

Search Engine Optimisation session info.


Rethinking Your Social Media

It’s easy for social media to become something you just churn out, unable to put too much time and thought into what you’re posting and why. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?

Using data from across the sector, this session explored how to make the best use of the platforms you’re using, the content you’re sharing, and the conversations you’re having.

Rethinking Your Social Media session info.