Digital Analytics Full Support

Giving cultural organisations the analytics support they need.

We've worked on digital analytics projects with lots of cultural organisations. We find the same issues coming up time and again. You need:

  • Data that you can rely on, especially when making important decisions
  • Quick access to that data in a format that makes sense
  • An idea of how everyone else is doing so you can spot opportunities more easily
  • Someone to turn to when you've got a question

Oh, and you can't quite afford to hire a digital analyst full-time. That means it's up to members of your existing team to do the best they can in the time available. Does that sound familiar?

After consulting with a range of organisations, we've developed a service to support in-house teams.

Organisations that sign up will benefit from…

data quality.jpg

Data Quality Audit

If your data's not in good shape you can’t properly evaluate your marketing campaigns or make decisions about your website. Your data may even be doing more harm than good.

Once a year we’ll audit your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts. Think of it as a data MOT.

As well as checking that things are looking ok, we'll also tell you about ways to extend and further improve your tracking. That way you won't be left behind.

You'll also get up to 5 hours of our time towards fixing anything we raise as a problem.

Dashboards and reports

We'll provide you with sets of dashboards and reports giving you clearer and better insights into:

  • Your teams and departments, including marketing, development, learning, and an executive overview
  • Your work: productions, seasons, collections, and content
  • Your campaigns: email, organic social, and paid social
  • Your website: purchase pathway funnels (tailored to your ticketing system, whether that's Tessitura, Spektrix, or another), mobile/desktop device breakdowns, 404s and other errors.

Just follow our instructions for plugging in your own data and away you go.



Your data needs context. With access to data from other organisations like yours, we'll be able to answer to questions like:

  • What’s a good conversion rate for my ticketing system?
  • How much traffic do others get from Facebook?
  • How many people should be looking at my content (articles, objects, videos, etc)

Data will be aggregated. We won't be sharing data that can be attributed to a single organisation.

Community and year-round Support

This service has been designed to be stronger the more organisations are part of it.

As others join we'll be able to create more reports to share with everyone. Insights from the benchmarks will also improve.

You'll have access to a Slack channel where you'll be able to talk to other members. And we'll participate there too, holding regular 'office hours' where we'll be available to answer your questions.


When does this launch?

This service will launch in March 2018 with a mix of performing arts organisations and museums. We'll then be inviting others to join. If you're interested in that then get in touch via the form below.


The annual fee for this service depends on how many parts there are to your digital presence. The more you have, the more it costs.

Base costs:

  • Initial setup: £750 plus VAT (year one only)
  • Main website: £2,500 plus VAT per year

You can also select add-ons for ticketing systems, online shops, and online collections. Each opens up further reports, benchmarks, and Slack community places. 

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