Culture Sheets (a working title)


Answering the big question - What's everyone else doing?

I get asked by clients all the time which technologies other organisations are using, and how their metrics compare to others. Sometimes I can answer, sometimes (professional discretion being important to us here) I can't.

It's always felt like an important and useful thing to solve, and I've finally hit upon a solution.

With Culture Sheets I'm compiling everything I know into a set of spreadsheets that I'll update and add to over time.

In fact, these spreadsheets will go further than that. I'm doing a tonne of research to fill in the gaps in my knowledge so that, by the time it launches, Culture Sheets will be as comprehensive as I can make it. It'll then build up over time and become even better.

Pre-Launch Offer

We're launching in May 2017.

Pre-pay now and you'll lock in access at the knock-down price of £150 plus VAT. This page isn't being advertised publicly yet, so you'll be one of the chosen few.

About Culture Sheets

Current sheets include:

  • Systems: CRM, ticketing, ecommerce
  • Websites: CMS, monthly sessions, page speed score, mobile friendliness, digital agency.

Current organisations include:

  • Visual and performing arts: The top 200 Arts Council NPOs by grant value, plus a few others.
  • Museums: the national ones, plus the others sponsored by DCMS. List here. 

The focus of Culture Sheets is on the UK. If you're not in the UK you can still get access.

Coming up…

As I said, the information will be added to over time. On the to do list…

  • More systems - membership, email, finance, DAM.
  • Agencies - video production, digital advertising spend.
  • Social media - Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers.
  • Video - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

I'll also be taking feedback on new types of information to add.

If you're a cultural organisation

You get a bit of a discount because we're nice like that.

If you're any other type of organisation

An agency, consultant, software supplier, or anything other than a non-profit cultural organisation then you can have access to all the same information too. You just pay the normal fee.


This will be updated as and when people ask any questions frequently. In the meantime you might like to know…

  • Where does the data come from? Everything in these spreadsheets in the public domain. We've just put in the work to gather it all together using our own painstaking research and a few online tools.
  • Is the data 100% accurate? We can't guarantee that. Someone might change something without our knowledge.
  • How often will the information be updated? Monthly stats will be updated monthly. For other information, we'll seek out new info and make changes as and when we hear about them.
  • My organisation's details aren't included, can you add them please? If you're a paying user then we'll add information about your organisation.
  • I'd like certain other organisations' data to be added, can you do that? That depends. We're not going to make any hard guarantees, but we'll take requests and be as accommodating as we can.
  • My information's not right, can you correct it please? Please let us know here and we'll take a look.
  • Can I see what kind of information I'm missing out on? Yep. See this spreadsheet here.
  • Can I resell the information? Not wholesale. Copyright exists in databases like this one.
  • How many people can have access to the spreadsheets? Access will be granted to one email address per account.
  • I can't pay online. Can you invoice me? Yes. We'd like to dissuade that sort of thing in favour of automating everything so there'll be a small premium for that, but we can certainly do it. Just get in touch and we'll sort that out for you.
  • How can I adjust my payment details? There's a customer portal here.